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    Jeff Soler

    Watching her grandson put together girders and I-beams to form suspension bridges and airports, Jeff’s grandma declared that he was going to be an architect when he was 5. Despite studying mechanical engineering in college and wanting to be an aerospace engineer, she was indeed prophetic as Jeff, frustrated by not being able to design a whole airplane and not just sections or parts, eventually veered toward a career in architecture.

    With an engineering and architectural background, Jeff established Soler Architecture + Design with a passion for crafting timeless, oddly beautiful work for his clients. With a rigorous approach and a high-concept style, the firm takes a “human approach” to architecture to create unexpected, engaging and comfortable spaces that are stripped down, modern and centered around big ideas. For Jeff, who puts tremendous energy into his vision, success is making clients happy. If they aren’t happy, there’s no point to it.

    With a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington in 1995, Jeff is professionally licensed in both New York and California. He worked in Seattle for Lane Williams Architect on several high-end residential projects. He then moved to New York to work at the office of Peter Himmelstein Design, collaborating on the design of several projects for nationally known graphic design and entertainment companies, and converted turn-of-the-century warehouses in Manhattan into modern live-work spaces. Prior to founding Soler Architecture, Jeff Soler worked as a project manager and architect on several school and museum projects at Michael Maltzan Architecture in Los Angeles.

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    Nicole Comp

    Educated in New York and France, Nicole brings a unique perspective to Soler and a keen sense of how to embody the human scale in cities. Having grown up in the Caribbean, she has a deep understanding and appreciation of the importance of site placement as it pertains to views, fenestration, light, and ventilation.

    A graduate of the City College of New York’s architecture school, she holds a Master of Science degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Columbia University. Nicole then worked as an urban designer with Columbia University’s Urban Technical Assistance Project, an urban extension program that provides planning and design assistance primarily to community-based organizations. After moving to San Diego, Nicole worked on several mixed-use residential projects and hotels. As project manager, one of her most notable project was an affordable housing high-rise in downtown San Diego that became the city’s first new structure to earn Gold LEED designation.

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    Evyn Larson

    Evyn loves the act of creating and problem-solving. A graduate of USC’s top-notch School of Architecture, she led the university’s team as project manager in the 2013 US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The project involved a 1,000 square-foot, solar-powered house that catered to the Southern California lifestyle. A native Californian who loves the outdoors, including hiking and rock climbing, Evyn is an avid fan of the arts, design and science.

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    Carter Shaw

    The challenge of crafting unique residential, work and entertainment spaces drives Carter. A graduate of USC’s prestigious Architecture program, she also specialized in 3D animation. As a Los Angeles native, Carter attended Harvard-Westlake school where her desire to design and build was fostered. Her school’s art classes, including sketching and pottery, enabled her to create and then display her ideas for others to enjoy. She found that she relished the feedback she received about her creations from her peers and teachers. Since joining Soler Architecture, Carter has worked on a variety of projects including the Kingston residence and the Pita Bar and Grill Restaurant.

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    Monica Obaga

    With a wealth of experience in commercial and nonprofit arts organizations in Nairobi, Kenya, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Monica champions a holistic approach to ensure that Soler Architecture operates optimally. Holding an economics degree from Daystar University in Nairobi, she previously worked in broadcast TV, building a channel from scratch. Monica also has experience in customer-centric design and intellectual property.


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