Our Process

How do we get from an idea to handing over the keys to a happy client? We select and specify everything from the finishes to the door knobs. We tend to offer a lot more than most architects and interior designers. Putting in the extra effort, we feel is essential to crafting superior spaces.

  1. Measuring the Building

    We spend a few days measuring any existing buildings and acquainting ourselves with the site. Using BIM, we create a detailed 3D model to use as a basis for our new design.

  2. Schematic Design and Entitlements

    The first part of this two-pronged stage involves several conceptual sketches showing adjacencies of new spaces, optimal building placement on the site and the character of the building. Through 3D renderings, we establish a sense of the space.

    The second step involves site research at the Building Department. We determine the impact codes and neighborhood plans have on the site. We also investigate wish-list items to see what’s possible within the budget.

  3. Design Development

    This phase takes us into the heart of the design where we can have some fun! Client input is important while we select everything that goes into the place from finishes to fixtures. We create more detailed 3D renderings to give a feel of the interior.

    At this point, we begin working with consultants…

  4. Permitting

    Permitting entails many trips to the building department to submit drawings for review by building officials. The length of time is closely related to the size and complexity of each project and local jurisdiction.

  5. Construction Documentation

    While in the permitting process, we draw the project at a level of detail that general contractors can accurately price and build. We closely collaborate with the client on the finer points.

  6. Bidding

    We ask multiple general contractors to provide us with a detailed bid based on the full set of drawings. This serves as the basis for the construction contract. After we all agree on a price, we assist in writing the contract which the client and contractor will sign.

  7. Construction Contract Administration

    Construction begins after we have complete drawings, a firm building cost, and the signed contract. We monitor the general contractor’s work and progress. We answer all questions and address any unforeseen issues that arise. We review all pay requests and change orders prior to our client paying any invoices. Regular visits to the site allow us to review completed work.

Our end goal is to make our clients incredibly happy.


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