Third and La Jolla

After we worked with this client to design the Third Street Studio, our client purchased the lot next door and enlisted our services. He wanted us to design a small, flexible building that could accommodate a restaurant on the corner of Third and La Jolla in Los Angeles. The small lot would not allow for much parking, which severely limited the allowable size of the building. We worked with the city to substitute bike parking for car parking and placed much of the seating outside in order to make things work.

The soon-to-be-restaurant is inspired by the old auto repair garages that used to be prevalent on Third Street. The garage doors allow for a free flow between the inside and outside, while the setback from the corner provides a large and engaging patio.

The space is currently leased and will open its doors in the summer of 2016.


8800 Venice Blvd
Suite 212
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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