Jimmy Kimmel Residence

Jimmy Kimmel has a passion for hosting. That extends away from the studio for the late-night talk show host. He wanted his house in the Hollywood Hills to be a club-like destination for his family and friends.

After an extensive brainstorming and planning phase, we came up with a concept that features interiors that recall the class and elegance of a 1940s-era Hollywood supper club, replete with a fully stocked interior-exterior bar and a corner dining banquette wrapped in walnut and leather.

Designed for serious cooking and entertaining, the kitchen is complemented by vintage stainless-steel swinging and  revolving desert carousel refrigerator for displaying the days’ offerings.

The upstairs master bedroom suite is more subdued with a palette of teak, penny tile and marble. Traditional chrome fixtures act as a foil for the modern tub and sinks.


8800 Venice Blvd
Suite 212
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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