Black Diamond Studio

A music producer approached Soler Architecture with an idea: Create a world class recording facility atop a pristine mountain resort. Unlike our previous LA-based music studios, this project offered the unique opportunity to explore the relationship between sound and form without the limitations of an urban setting.
Local geodes inspired the building’s form. The dark outer shells of the ubiquitous orbs – and our burnt cedar-clad exterior – harbor rich crystalline structure within. The faceted interior of the building diffracts sound waves while negative spaces between recording rooms create crevasse-inspired circulation.
The Black Diamond Studio frames the dramatic scenery and takes advantage of the natural light to inspire the musicians visiting the facility. With a full spa, lounge area, rooftop deck, and sleeping quarters, the project becomes equal parts recording workspace and luxurious chalet resort.


8800 Venice Blvd
Suite 212
Los Angeles, CA 90034


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